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Puerto Deseado

Remote towns, sea-faring history and the Monte Leon National Park

Welcome to Puerto Deseado

Puerto Deseado itself is a historic port town in Patagonia’s Santa Cruz Province, with a history dating back to the 16th century having been founded and built up by the Spanish as a hub of maritime industry, before abandonment and English invasion. There is still a fort here and shipyards too, as well as a small collection of interesting museums, though 21st century Puerto Deseado is better known as a good base from which to discover the nearby coastline, cultural sites of Santa Cruz Province and its abundant wildlife areas too.

Explore Puerto Deseado and

Getting around Puerto Deseado is easy enough, given that the town is only home to around 15,000 inhabitants, though there is plenty else to see and do in the surrounding area, such as paying a visit to Puerto San Julian, another port town with a long and significant maritime history to be uncovered. Then there’s Comandante Luis Piedrabuena, a place that relies almost entirely on the Santa Cruz River for its fishing and connection with wider Patagonia. And no stay in Puerto Deseado and the Atlantic Coast would be complete without a visit to the Monte Leon National Park, a protected haven of wildlife covering 165,000 acres. Here you’ll find abundant bird species, including Magellanic Penguins and plenty of on-land mammals; the region was heavily visited by Charles Darwin in the 19th century.

Tip 1

From Puerto Deseado, head to Penguin Island and keep and eye out for the popular Rockhopper species!

Tip 2

If tracing Darwin’s route, be sure to spend time journeying south, as there are many places of interest along the way

Tip 3

Before arriving, read ``The betrayal of Darwin`` by Gerardo Bartolome, for further insight and an extra layer of interest to what will be seen during the tour

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