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Ibera Wetlands

Untouched scenery, remote wetlands and endemic species

Welcome to Ibera Wetlands

The Ibera Wetlands are one of South America’s great untouched wildernesses, a vast expanse of native plant species, birdlife and uninhabited plains, more than twice the size of the Everglades National Park at 3.2 million acres. Found to the south of Iguazu Falls, this isolated region provides a fantastic off-the-beaten-track destination in Argentina for wildlife lovers, thanks to its protected and pristine status–having been cut off from mankind over the millennia by its own encircling, impenetrable marshlands. As a result, thousands of plant, bird, animal and insect species have been able to thrive here, making for one of the most picturesque and rewarding wildlife experiences in Argentina.

Explore the Ibera Wetlands

With a handful of traditional estancias dotted throughout the plains, any stay in the wonderful Ibera Wetlands will be one of not only stunning scenery and remote mystique, but culture and authenticity too. Though with over 300 different types of bird, 35 varieties of reptile, 85 mammal and dozens of amphibious species too, plus countless floating and rooted plants, flowers and trees–it is encounters with the natural world that brings lucky visitors to the pristine marshes of Ibera.

Tip 1

Swimming with horses: Yes, that’s right, you can take a horse ride here and stay saddle-bound while they cross the water!

Tip 2

The Ibera Wetlands are a year-round destination that, due to their location in the country, can be included in almost every itinerary

Tip 3

The traditional Guarani Culture of unique food, dress and dance comes from this region, and can still be witnessed alive and well today

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