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Wanderlust is a leading luxury travel company in Argentina, yet how do you define luxury? Yes, we proudly work with some of the finest boutique hotels and estancias in Argentina, with access to the best tour guides and most exclusive experiences across the country, but what we do goes far beyond that. For us, luxury travel is also about feeling free to get under the skin of a country, a community or sprawl of idyllic countryside and its native wildlife. Wanderlust Expeditions always seeks to uncover a side of wonderful Argentina that most don’t even know exists at all.

Tailormade Tours

No two people are the same, so no two trips to Argentina should be either. We will design every element of your tour around you

Hassle Free

Leave it to us, we take care of everything so that you don’t have to!

Safety First

We work with only the best guides, reputable hotels, high-end vehicles and renowned experience providers to ensure a seamless, safe trip to Argentina

Luxe and Responsible

Luxury and responsible travel go hand-in-hand. Wanderlust works with those who respect both the environment and local culture

Argentina Lux&Travel Designers

Travelling to Argentina often includes a visit to some of the country’s many highlights. From the atmospheric streets and tango shows of Buenos Aires to the Gaucho lifestyle or boutique vineyards of northern Argentina, perhaps whale watching on the Valdes Peninsula or witnessing the mighty Iguazu Falls; a natural wonder of Mother Earth. You could be filling your camera with jaw-dropping views in Bariloche, sipping Malbec in Mendoza or trekking to the ends of the earth in southern Patagonia with its glaciers, penguins and mountains from one day to the next. Needless to say, Argentina is home to some of the most iconic sights, locations and landscapes in South America.

However, on top of this, our vast and beloved country has even more to offer, and Wanderlust Expeditions believes that taking the time to appreciate the hidden magic of Argentina is essential, if looking to really get to grips with it all. No matter what the interests, age, group size or level of mobility may be for anyone travelling with us, we have a destination, route, guide and itinerary that will suit them perfectly. For us, slowing down the pace to appreciate the depth of culture, majesty of nature or joy of being in a truly secluded, untouched part of the world is the real definition of luxury travel. That said, an exclusive estancia, boutique hotel and comfortable transfers along the way always help, of course!

Wanderlust is committed to local guides, hosts, and both the unique tours and insights they can provide. We believe that while travelling to the remote spots of Argentina nothing can compare to the first-hand knowledge of someone who lives there, understands the culture and knows the land intimately. This then allows us, and our guests, to experience something special with every trip, from birding to botanical gardens, adventure trips to textile weaving traditions, ice trekking, wildlife tours and so much more, all carefully crafted through us, just for you.

Why Choose Wanderlust Expeditions?

Wanderlust is among the very best bespoke Argentinian DMCs. Our relationship with the country, commitment to sustainability, experience, professionalism, passion and service-focused culture is second to none. We cater for everyone, care about every relationship, and always deliver. Here are just a few reasons to book with Wanderlust Expeditions as your preferred tour operator in Argentina:

  • Our friendly team of destination experts are highly qualified, experienced and committed to making every trip to Argentina truly bespoke and always memorable.
  • Passion, fun, and a welcoming spirit to everything we do; it all comes naturally to the wonderful Wanderlust team of travel specialists.
  • We have visited each hotel, taken every tour and trained all of our local guides to deliver in the ‘Wanderlust way’, so we know what will work for you.
  • Our tours can be as unique and specialized as you want them to be; we live for the unusual, off-the-beaten-track and little-known destinations across Argentina.
  • Our personally trained local guides come from a range of fascinating backgrounds, including the arts, philosophy and literature, archaeology, anthropology, counseling, mountain climbing and more, so there is always someone to perfectly pair with your group.
  • Those same guides combine to produce an understanding of the country like no other, so if your luxury trip to Argentina needs a focus on gastronomy, wine, history, hiking, wildlife, nature, landscapes, culture, photography, sightseeing, time on the coast or anything in between; we, and they, have it covered.
  • Our service-orientated ethos means we are always friendly, always willing, and nothing is too much trouble, it’s in our DNA!
  • Seamless logistics. Our head office in Buenos Aires is run by the best experts in the business, with a network of local contacts across Argentina, so from the minute our guests arrive to the moment we wave them off, everything will run to perfection.
  • Whether solo travel to South America, groups, FITs, incentive, we have years of experience planning it all; it’s what we do.
  • Fully insured, fully protected, fully regulated and always committed to sustainable tourism, nothing is left to chance at Wanderlust Expeditions.

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