Los Pumas in The Rugby Championship

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Four years ago, the Pumas were included in The Rugby Championship, siding Argentina against Australia, New Zealand and South Africa twice a year. After the last Rugby World Cup it was officially announced: Argentina got their first Super Rugby franchised team. This tournament, is composed by 17 other teams: 6 based in South Africa; 5 in Australia, 5 in New Zealand and 1 in Japan.
This is a year-long tournament, starting in February, and the finals on August.
Argentina’s franchise, Jaguares, are based in Buenos Aires. This means we will get to see All Blacks’, Springboks’ and Wallabies’ players against most of the Pumas players every week, as these Unions, with the exception of South Africa, now requests players to play in Super Rugby teams to be eligible for their national team.

With the best players, and the running and passing rugby shown by these teams in the first tournament matches, all rugby fans are in for a treat.