Hard to believe Buenos Aires had any beginning. I feel it to be as eternal as air and water.” Mythical Founding of Buenos Aires by Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine writer.

This cosmopolitan city, often called the cradle of Tango, is a superlative introduction to a deeper exploration of Argentina. European looking at first glance, Buenos Aires can keep any culture-oriented visitor busy indefinitely. The city has become a true melting pot of native inhabitants, joined by Spanish, Italian, British, French, German, Central European, Jewish, Arabian, Greek, Japanese, and more recently Chinese, Korean and neighboring countries’ immigrants.

The rich diversity of Buenos Aires districts together with its eclectic architecture and art reflect several cultural influences and migratory waves, times of grandeur and plenty and also striking contrasts.



    Whatever the date of arrival in Buenos Aires, there will be chances to enjoy many cultural events: art exhibits, concerts, operas, cinema festivals, musical shows, theater performances. Or, you may choose to be delighted with the best polo in the world (the national team has remained unbeaten for the last decades), experience some of the most powerful football (soccer) matches, or discover the local Gaucho game of “Pato”, a sort of basketball played on horseback.

    Gastronomically speaking, Buenos Aires can be a constant source of pleasure with two main highlights: world famous beefsteaks and first class wines.

    Urban reserves and parks in downtown Buenos Aires offer a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna and even go bird watching. The “Paranaense” rainforest penetrates into northeastern Argentina along the banks of the major rivers, and only 12 miles north of Buenos Aires the great Tigre delta is found. Another exciting visit just minutes away from the city.


  • One of the most vibrant Latin American capitals
  • A multicultural city with a trendy and active social scene
  • THE place to learn or watch Tango
  • THE place to experience the best polo in the world


  • Enjoy the “Four balconies” private tour of Buenos Aires, the perfect introduction to this ever-surprising city
  • Experience a behind-the-scenes Arts & Crafts private tour, from colonial times to contemporary art. Led by our art experts, visit public and private collections
  • Navigate or paddle around the countless islands of the Delta of the Parana river
  • Rub shoulders with the Gauchos at any of the Estancias around Buenos Aires and witness how the traditional “Asado” is prepared.
  • Take a Tango class and mingle with the locals at a traditional “Milonga”, or just watch this fascinating dance performed by professionals.
  • Follow the steps of a Jewish Heritage tour of the city, hosted by a proud descendant of one of the many immigrant communities that helped build our nation.


  • Discover our world famous tender beef, already a trademark of Argentina.
  • Taste our rich Malbec red wine and the less-known and fresh Torrontes white wine.
  • Savor delicious coffee at any of the traditional or modern coffee houses around town, or get in the “Porteno” mood for the perfect gelato.
  • Try “Mate”, our healthy herbal brew that we share with guests and friends.
  • Be surprised by the excellence and variety of food that may be found for all budgets.


  • Buenos Aires offers a wide array of options for lodging. From the emblematic five star hotels such as the awarded Alvear Palace, the hip Faena, the modern Four Seasons and the classy Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt, to the small boutique hotels in artsy San Telmo or trendy Palermo neighborhoods.
  • Theme hotels such as Casa Calma wellness hotel bearing a mini spa in each room, the Tango related hotels such as Abasto Plaza, or the “Gourmand” boutique hotels like Fierro.
  • Traditional Estancias in the “Pampas”, from the medium-sized properties, to the Polo specialists, to imposing manor houses. Most of them working ranches and run by their owners, who enjoy sharing their lifestyle with visitors.


  • A walking tour of Buenos Aires featuring the historic sites, the literature, the art and architecture, all of these hosted by one of our fine local guides.
  • A literary visit through which big names such as Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortazar and Roberto Arlt unveil Buenos Aires personality.
  • A cooking workshop to get acquainted with the interesting development of food and wine in Argentina in an informal and fun way.
  • A canoe ride in the Delta, an unforgettable experience in wooden hand-made canoes that allow exploring the smaller streams and getting to know the everyday lives of the island communities.