Its location and development in latitud give this country a special character and consequently some very differentiated landscapes


  • Discover the incredible contrasts from the salt flats at the high Puna to the spelling Easter Island or the beauty of Torres del Paine NP.
  • Fall for the exquisite Chilean Wines worldwide recognized.
  • Enjoy the excellent lodges nested in unique locations.


  • Explore the Atacama Desert , one of the remotest and arid parts of the world.
  • Navigate channels, fjords and sounds to reach such incredible locations as Chiloe Island.
  • Explore the Fueguian channels on board the Australis cruises or why not? Smaller vessels or sailboatts to have the adrenaline of this adventure.
  • Trek the famous W, the challenging hike in Torres del Paine NP.


  • Fresh seafood and fish creatively prepared with noble products.
  • Wines that have become a trademark of the country.
  • Try exquisite and delicate food at Awais, The Singular hotels to mention but a few.


  • Awasi, Explora and Tierra have become a cornerstone in hotel business in such areas as Atacama and Torres del Paine NP.
  • Along the country lots of hotels, resorts and lodges in privileged locations. Choose an area and there will be an outstanding hotel which will be the perfect base of operation of the area.
  • Santiago de Chile – the capital city – offers big hotel chains as well as small boutique ones.
  • Wineries and vineyards have become favourites of the travelrs.


  • Board the Australis Cruises that offers lots of possibilities to explore the Beagle Channel, Southern Seas and Cape Horn and beyond!
  • Rent a car in Patagonia and enjoy a circuit combining both countries.
  • From Salta – in Argentina – cross the Andes and reach San Pedro de Atacama, a route full of colors and cultural heritage.