Atlantic Patagonian


Traveling along the Patagonian coast maybe a journey back in time; it is getting to know and discover the land as seen by discoverers and pioneers.

Unique fauna, places described in logbooks together with stories of discoveries, shipwrecks and utopias


  • Meet the Patagonian land with the eyes of Ferdinand of Magellan, Charles Darwin and many other world explorers.
  • Discover the unique fauna at Puerto Deseado and other capes and bays along the coast.
  • Travel along the route 3 and discover its hidden gems.
  • Explore Bahia Bustamante, the first PUEBLO ALGUERO de PATAGONIA
  • Learn about the “Transpatagonian Railway” which would have changed the history and development of Argentina!


  • Navigate the Deseado Estuary to observe its rich fauna including 4 species of cormorants (which can be easily spotted), sea lions, lots of birds and the commerson´s dolphins with their funny pirouettes.
  • Visit the real scale replica of the “Nao Victoria” the boat to first circumnavigate the world commanded by Ferdinand of Magellan and then Sebastian El Cano.
  • Explore Monte Leon National Park and learn about the new conservation trends and sustainability.
  • Experience the whole Patagonia in one single place: Coast, steppe, estancia, fauna and big part of the Patagonian history at Bahia Bustamante.


  • Patagonian lamb still the star of the area together with sea food.
  • Stews, rich and healthy, are the specialty of the area.
  • Enjoy Pizza in a peculiar place; the former Train Station in Puerto Deseado where each choice of pizza has been named after one of the employees of the Transpatagonia Railway.


  • Estancia Monte Leon – only 5 rooms!
  • Bahia Bustamante offers the experience of living in a small Patagonian village.
  • Small & Simple local hotels and hosterias.


  • Visit Penguin Island to meet the funny Magellanic penguin and the Vibrant rockhopper penguin, the famous “happy feet”.
  • Visit the petrified forests, like an enciclopedia of the past.
  • Enjoy spectacular sunsets especially at San Julian, where the sky turns to intense violets, reds and orange colors; a mesmerizing experience!
  • Explore Punta Quilla, the very spot where the Capt Fitz Roy docked the Beagle for maintenance while exploring these Southern lands.
  • Visit the place where the first mass was celebrated in America by the Expedition of Ferdinand of Magellan.